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The cure for biomed companies: The consulting firm SBTech Global Consulting is coming to Israel

By Golan Hazani

First published in Calcalist - January 2, 2018

The company, which operates in the international pharma market, will start operating in Israel, establishing collaborations between Israeli start-ups and biomed companies, and global pharmaceutical companies, which may lead to investments and even acquisitions

By Golan Hazani. Poster January 2, 2018 07:20

SBTech Global Consulting will begin operating in Israel, promoting transactions and collaborations between Israeli biomed companies and global pharmaceutical companies. The company, led by a group of senior executives in the global and Israeli pharmaceutical and finance industries, is well recognized and highly active in the international pharmaceutical market. SBTech Global provides business consulting and support services to pharmaceutical companies in various stages of development, including M&A support, operational scale up, and financing. Most of the company's activities have been conducted globally, where it directly advises CEOs and heads of divisions at some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, mainly in the area of therapeutic asset acquisitions and strategic cooperation.

The CEO is Shmuel Berkovich, a globally known senior pharmaceutical executive, who was a founder and partner at Madison Pharma. The chairman of the advisory group is Hans Peter Hasler, Chairman of the Swiss investment fund HBM Healthcare investment, one of Europe's largest investors in biomed companies. Hasler was formerly the COO at Biogen and COO at Elan. The company’s advisory group is composed of senior industry executives who bring experience in strategic collaborations, drug development, and financing.

In Israel, SBTech currently* operates as a representative of several service providers for the Israeli pharmaceutical industry, including Patheon Thermo Fischer, the world's second-largest pharmaceutical services provider, and select institutional and private investors seeking to invest in the development of Israeli companies.

The launch event of the company's strategic collaboration and investment activity in Israel was a first-of-its-kind conference held in Israel at the end of November. The event included executives at some of the world's leading pharmaceutical, finance, and pharma-services companies, who met with local Israeli start-ups and biomed companies. The executives has a strict objective to identify opportunities for investment, strategic cooperation, or acquisition of Israeli assets. In addition, the officials discussed the establishment of a local “Fast Track” mechanism, led by SBTech to accelerate the development of drugs and medical devices, by screening and chaperoning Israeli inventors and companies, and connecting them to investors and manufacturers around the world.

Why do these companies really need SBTech What relative advantage do you provide?

Berkovich: "The mechanism that SBTech provides is the representation and guidance of Israeli companies in the international market in order to prepare them thoroughly for collaboration on a global scale, and then focus their efforts to the right partners globally. This approach can drastically cut the timeline between idea and realization, while significantly reduce the risk of both parties by ensuring development is guided by a group of experienced executives who have already gone through this process successfully multiple times. SBTech’s advisory group has an extensive and diverse background in the industry, and a broad network we leverage to identify the right partners and collaborators around the world.”


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