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SBTech is an experience-based healthcare advisory firm, founded by veteran healthcare executives who believe that the industry could benefit from executive-level operational support

We work with healthcare companies at various stages of development, providing counseling and assisting with implementation of key initiatives relating to corporate development, product development, and global product distribution.


Our team consists of veteran healthcare industry executives with a well-established track record of success, and a an advisory network including former VP and C level executives at private and public healthcare innovators, investment firms, distributors, and industry service providers.


SBTech’s advantage and strength comes from our team. Our support approach is based on real-world, executive and operational experience, unparalleled access to decision makers, and intimate knowledge of ‘hidden’ opportunities. Our team provides experience-based insights into key strategic issues that our clients face, along with actionable recommendations that SBTech can implement. Our network and substantial knowledge base of early, small, and private companies, position SBTech to help its clients identify and act on opportunities not known or readily accessible to the open market.


We are not Healthcare Bankers or traditional Consultants. Our work product is not slide decks or pure advice, but advancement to your company and product. SBTech is an option for you if you:

  • Seek M&A opportunities and are tired of the same recycled targets that are obvious on the open market; 

  • Consider product in/out-licensing to supplement your portfolio to address your overall strategic plan or just add to your topline;

  • Consider regional or global scale-up and need support from people who did it before;

  • Look at expansion and/or distribution on a global, regional, or local basis and could use an experienced partner to manage the assessment process, design solutions, identify partners, and implement on your behalf.

  • Seek strategic investment opportunities or partners.


SBTech provides the added value of approaching your needs from a view point of experience, and access to solutions through a vast network of relationships. 


SBTech operates globally through a network of executive advisors.



SBTech Global Consulting
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