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Experience-Driven Support When You Need It

Whether you are an executive of a clinical stage company who is considering the next step in development or strategic partnerships with vendors, investors or distributors; a Business Development executive who is seeking hidden opportunities that the market hasn't yet priced out; a licensing manager at a small company who seeks a partner for regional or global deals; or a researchers that wants a commercialization partner that won't take away your independence, consider SBTech.


Our team members have built global leading innovators from small companies, helped numerous companies expand globally, and worked closely with many early stage companies, helping them identify the best path to market, and implementing.


SBTech offers evidence-based advice that you can action on, and assistance in implementation if you need it. 

For Early Stage and Small Companies
  • Strategic direction for development and commercialization

  • Contract services

  • Organization scale-up support - infrastructure, people, distribution, and partners

  • Set up global / regional infrastructure

  • Financing 

  • Strategic partnerships

  • Support when considering partnerships - a firewall to filter the appropriate partners

  • Market Access strategy - designing late stage research to meet the dynamic market requirements

  • Clinical Trial Supply for your development program

For Large Innovators and Distributors
  • Identify product opportunities - unparalleled access to private and less visible companies or assets

  • M&A and BD&L support - Facilitate access to decision makers and transaction support

  • Target identification and filtering based on client's needs, capabilities, and strategic direction

  • Market Access Strategy and implementation for global / regional expansion, including partnering and distribution options

  • Discreet, blinded/unblinded, probing

  • Insight into cutting edge innovation from Israeli Academia and early stage biomed

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SBTech Global Consulting
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